Jordan Christopher Sweeney - Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Jordan Sweeney Music Solo Pic

Jordan Sweeney is based out of Southern California in Camarillo. Sweeney is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer. He writes and produces every song on his records, and plays every instrument on them. (Unless noted below as a guest musician)


Contributing Musicians


Gabe Schuberg - Violin

  • Blue Tree, Road to Recovery (2008)
  • Every Second, Road to Recovery (2008)
  • Lost, Road to Recovery (2008)
  • Twenty Two, Road to Recovery (2008)
  • Rocks, Road to Recovery (2008)
  • Butterflies, Road to Recovery (2008)

Steve Erdody - Cello

  • Silver, Journey to Me (2019)

Allen Herme - Vocals

  • All My Life, Journey to Me (2019)

Richard Galiguis - Guitar

  • 33 Years, Journey to Me (2019)

Yul Vianzon - Vocals

  • Dead Roses, Journey to Me (2019)


Jordan Sweeney began playing music when he met friend, Richard Galiguis in 1999 in high school. Jordan (drums) and Richard (guitar) formed a band called Cant Relate and served as the primary song writers in many bands such as Greenroom 2001-2002, Saving Sebastian 2003-2004, and Sky Walker 2004-2007. After sharing the stage and playing shows with such bands as Yellowcard, Craig's Brother, Inspection 12 and Rufio, Jordan became sick after he was diagnosed with a chronic illness called Ulcerative Colitis and it became extremely hard to travel, tour and play shows because of complications with the disease. A few months after signing a record contract with a small indie label, Midnight Records, Sky Walker called it quits in 2007. Jordan continued to write music but this time used his pain and suffering as his focus. Sweeney decided to dedicate his whole musical career to raising awareness about this disease. In 2007, Sweeney recorded his first "solo" album, "Sometimes Sky" of which he played all the instruments and sang. In Sometimes Sky, Sweeney sings about living with the disease and he often describes the pain and frustration in the album. His sophomore album titled, "Road to Recovery," (2008) which was released through Recovery Records, is all about his road to accepting the lifestyle change that comes with his illness as he often sings about the joy in his life and the love for his wife.  A month after the release of Road to Recovery, Sweeney announced his hiatus from music to spend time with his wife and soon to be born son. His third album titled, "Journey to Me," (2019) is about his journey back to the world of music after taking over 10 years off. The introduction song titled, "Silver" tells the story of just this. Sweeney delivers a more mature sound as he introduces a harder vibe with complex lyrics and catchy melodies to fill the songs. The 13 songs express emotion about his experience with love, struggles and sacrifices and has been well received by fans of his music. Sweeney has six children with his wife Katie and resides in Camarillo, California.