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  1. Twenty Two

From the recording Road To Recovery


Twenty Two                   Music & Lyrics by Jordan Sweeney (May 2007)
I’ve been known for twenty-two years. I have learned to write.
And I’ve been writing songs for the last twenty-two years blind, because there’s something lurking deep inside. There’s something I don’t get.
I’ve been asleep twenty-two years now my eyes are wide.
Yet there’s still something that I can’t throw my wings on to.  My eyes are dry. Oh, I won’t cut my guts out, first, I’ll sit and write.
What am I waiting for?
I’ve been holding on for twenty-two years. Now I’m not, because I understand my cure is poison that my body won’t drink.
And I’ve died before, but now I’m stuck deciding my own fate.
What am I waiting for?