From the recording Journey to Me


All my Life – Music & Lyrics by Jordan Sweeney
All my life I’ve waited for you. It’s funny how you look at life as a kid, you have no clue. I used to sit alone in my room and think about my future and honestly if I were to think I’d be here now, you’d have to slap me to wake me up. All my life I’ve waited for you. Each and every one of you make me better than I was before. Holding you in my arms for the first time I can’t breathe because you take away the air in my lungs and time stands still. A ray of light beams on you. I kiss your head and close my eyes. All my life I’ve waited for you. There's so many stars up there and this one fell into my hands. And there's one there for you and one day will it hit you too? Stars hitting me left and right. God help me never lose sight. A life full of devotion that spills out this emotion.